The Hunter's Daughter


Watching all her friends leave the Greenwood to join the fight against the Magistrate, Cassie lamented the curse that bound her bloodline to her family’s homeland. When a mysterious oracle offered her an escape from her obligations, she jumped at the chance, even though she knew the sacrifice she made would haunt her. Taking nothing but her father’s enchanted crossbow and her faithful hunting bird, Zigs, she raced off to join the Paladins in their resistance against the draconian Magistrate.


A crossbow that deals 680 damage every .75 seconds.


Shoot an arrow that deals 200 damage and blasts the target backward.

Blast Shot

Fire an explosive projectile that deals 450 damage.

Dodge Roll

Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.


Send your bird into the sky for 8s, revealing enemies to allies and granting you 30% movement speed and CC immunity.