The Lightning Orc


Being struck by lightning once is usually more than enough to kill someone, but after dozens of strikes, Grohk was still standing. Though it took a while to realize Grohk had been imbued with the power to control the lightning itself, he put it to good use defending his tribe from a goblin attack that would have otherwise destroyed them. Seeing his power as a sign from the weather spirits, the rest of the Red River orcs immediately appointed him their chieftain. When the Realm erupted into civil war, he sensed another storm brewing and joined the battle on behalf of his tribe.

Lightning Staff

A medium range staff that creates a channeled beam of lightning dealing 75 damage per hit every 0.1 seconds. Deals up to 30% more damage the longer you are on target.

Shock Pulse

Fire a projectile that deals 150 damage and bounces between enemy players.

Healing Totem

Deploy a 1000 health totem up to 100 feet away that heals nearby for 420 Health every second and lasts 6 seconds.

Ghost Walk

Become untargetable and gain 20% movement speed for 1s. Removes all debuffs on use.


Surge with Power and take flight for 5s. Slow and strike nearby enemies for 200 damage while speeding up and healing nearby allies for 500 health every 0.5s.