The Blossom


A talented young spellcaster, Ying is a master of illusions and trickery, able to befuddle her opponents with bewildering misdirection. That same magic can also soothe the minds of her allies to ease their suffering and mend their wounds. She made good use of those skills to escape imprisonment by a bandit king and during her days as an adventurer afterward. When the Magistrate began its campaign of conquest, subjugating the Realm in an attempt to restrict the use of magic by the common folk, she felt it was her responsibility to join the fight against the tyranny.

Illusory Mirror

Fires a continuous beam for a short period that deals 5 ticks of 90 damage over 0.2s every 0.5s. Effective up to Medium Range.


Shatter all active Illusions, causing them to chase down enemies and explode for 500 damage.


Create an illusion that heals a nearby ally for 420 every 1.6s.

Dimensional Link

For 4s, swap locations with the furthest illusion. If none are deployed, it will take Ying to the location of the last active Illusion.

Illusory Rift

Apply a buff on all allies that heals for 600 health per second for 8s. While this buff is active Dimensional Link may now teleport you to any ally.