The Greedy


Born wingless as a mere wyrin underling to a vicious dragon, Drogoz escaped his servitude using a pair of crystal-fueled mechanical wings crafted by a clever dwarven engineer. The draconic blood in his veins pulsed with cruelty and greed, sending him on a Realm-wide rampage of destruction as he amassed his own horde, one that would rival that of the true dragons. As the war rages, Drogoz streaks through the sky above, swooping down to deal with his foes as quickly and violently as possible.

Rocket Launcher

Bombard lesser creatures with explosive rockets that deal 850 damage per shot every 0.85s.

Fire Spit

Spit out a loogie. Enemies hit by your flammable saliva take 150 damage and receive 30% additional damage from your attacks for 4s. Bonus Damage: Shoot your Fire Spit to cause an explosion that deals 900 damage.


Load all remaining rockets into your Launcher. Your next fire releases all of the pre-loaded rockets, creating larger explosions and dealing 250 damage per shot. Deals 200% more damage to shields.


Jet upwards into the air. Hold <CMD=GBA_Jump> to use your booster.

Dragon Punch

Unleash your fury and overclock your thrusters to deliver a high velocity punch that deals 100% of your target's maximum health as damage.