Sha Lin

The Desert Wind


Tales of the legendary adventurer Sha Lin have spread far and wide across the Realm, recounting his heroic exploits and death-defying antics. During his short lifetime, he’s already helped topple warlords, recovered long-lost artifacts, and betrayed the infamous Thousand Hands guild. He’s broken as many hearts with his magical longbow as he has with his silver tongue, but even he has a stake in the current conflict between the Magistrate and the Resistance, standing up to the oppressive Magistrate on behalf of the common folk.

Long Bow

A long bow that draws back an arrow and releases it for up to 1000 damage every 1.5s.

Impaler Arrow

Replace your arrow with an Impaler Arrow that knocks enemies back and stuns them for 1s if they hit a wall.


Plant yourself in place, becoming stationary for 3s. While planted, your Long Bow draw time is 200% faster. Re-activating Planted cancels the ability. Acts as a weapon attack.


Leap backwards and enter stealth for 2s.

Heat Haze

Enter stealth and gain 30% Movement Speed for 8s. While active, you draw your bow 50% faster and reveal yourself each time you fire.