The Runic Sage

Front Line

As the ranking scholar and preeminent authority on runic lore at the Deepwerks facility, Torvald is one of the architects of the wave of crystal-powered technology sweeping across the Realm. Though he would much rather have his nose buried in a dusty old history tome or reach into a swirling vortex of magical energy using his enhanced stone gauntlet, he understands that the Magistrate is the driving force behind all his research and has joined their effort to put down the Resistance. Once the war is over, he can once more get back to work.


Fire blasts of energy every 0.25s dealing 180 damage per shot.


Focus the power of your gauntlet and channel a beam of energy on a single enemy for 2.5s, silencing them and dealing 800 damage over the duration.


Project a 2000 Health shield onto an ally for 3s.


Regenerate 2125 Shield Health over 1s.

Hyper Beam

Unleash the latent power of your Gauntlet, channeling a blast that applies a massive knockback to all enemies for 2.35s.