What is this page for?

MyPaladins.com is a website that offers match statistics such as Top Players, Top Champions and Personal Statistics for the Hero Shooter game: Paladins made by HiRez Studios. MyPaladins.com is an independent website and in no way connected to the official Paladins Game or HiRez Studios.
How do you set up Player of the Day Statistics?

Player of the Day scores are calculated by using Win Ratio in regards to games played within the last 24 hours. We only take players into consideration who have played at least 10 games within a given timespan. We use a weighted value for the score which means that people with an equal or lower win rate could potentially be ranked higher than others who have a lower total of games played.
How do you set up Top Champions Statistics?

Top Champions are currently sorted by their respective win ratio.
What are the Stats on my Profile Summary on the left hand side for?

You can find a little which offers information for the respective area.
I found a bug / have a feature request, what can I do?

We would be happy to hear from you! Feel free to hit us up via email: [email protected]
How can I get your Discord stats bot?

Here you can find more information on how to get the bot: Discord Bot. If you've got any questions feel free to join our Discord server: MyPaladins Discord
How do you calculate the MyPaladins Elo?

MyPaladins Elo is based on the Elo formula known for calculating skill levels in player-versus-player matches. We adapted some rules from the FIDE Rating Regulations which are also applicable to computer games. Furthermore, the formula was modified specifically for Paladins so that you gain or lose Elo depending on your own performance in each match. Of course you won't be rewarded a positive score if you lose, but if you performed extraordinary well, the loss of Elo won't be as drastic as if you performed poorly.